Services offered through the Center are private and confidential.  Staff are required to comply with state and federal regulations regarding the disclosure of patient information.  You may be assured that every precaution is taken to protect patient privacy.  Staff are committed to the highest code of conduct and quality of care possible.

Crisis Services:  People who are experiencing an emergency, emotional upset, crisis or addiction problem may come to the Center to talk with one of our counselors.  You may telephone or come to the Mental Health Center.  After a thorough assessment, you will be told about the treatment and services available at the Center or at other agencies.  

Psychotherapy:  Counseling services are that allow you to talk  and explore options in a group, family or individual setting, are available.

Supportive Treatments:  This service is for people who need long term care.  The Center offers psychiatric medical services, group activities, supportive employment, transportation, and referral to a variety of residential care homes.

Services for Children & Adolescents:  Children under 17 and their families are offered a wide array of services at our three centers, local schools, and in other community-based locations.

Alcohol and Other Drugs:  This service addresses issues of recovery for persons with both mental illness and addictions.

​Deaf/Hard of Hearing:  Mental health services are provided to deaf or hard of hearing persons who use any form of communication other than the spoken language.

Towards Local Care (TLC):  This program is to assist patients make the transition from inpatient facilities back into the community.

Other services offered are psychiatric detention order applications, referrals to other community agencies and assessment of jail inmates.

Our Services